Posted by: Bill Lord | November 30, 2009

Tweeting for Christmas

I have been involved for the last term with a range of classes who are tweeting as part of their everyday work. I have been also looking at ways of linking classes using it and have started thinking about ways exploiting chances in the run up to the Christmas break to join up new classes using Twitter.

One of the thoughts I have had is to get classes playing simple games between each other as a prelude to other opportunities such as collaborative writing, maths quests and joint web quests.

One possibility could be for classes to use a common hash tag such as #xmasgame or a unique hash tags for individual games eg game 1 and so on.

Looking very quickly games which classes could play might be:

Countdown One class could take the lead on this providing the first set of nine letters for another (or a group of classes. This could be used for the numbers game as well. In this game it would be important for the children to be of a similar age or ability for it to be most effective

Hangman Each class taking it in turns to set the word

Christmas I spy This again could be played between two or more classes.

Quiz show – classes could set each other quiz questions to research by the end of a set time. Classes in different parts of the world could set tasks to be replied to by the end of their day. This could simple questions.

Writing the next line – classes could write Christmas poems one line at a time swapping them using twitter, etherpad, google docs or a similar applications

A different 12 days of Christmas – classes could collaboratively write their own versions of the 12 days of Christmas one day at a time.

A twitpic 12 days of Christmas – children could use twitpic to share their drawings of the12 days of Christmas.

Again any further suggestions would be very gratefully accepted.

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