Posted by: Bill Lord | January 7, 2010

Ten-Four Good Buddy

In my work as a Literacy Adviser I travel to London on a monthly basis to meet with my team to discuss future work and to be briefed on our forthcoming events. Today is one of those such days but there is obviously the real issue of getting colleagues from all four corners of the country to the capital safely and more importantly getting them home at the end of the day.

Yester day I was meant to be in London for a day on using WebEx (with an emphasis on the personal rather than the technical) and this was obviously a perfect candidate for all delegates staying at home and learning online. Today we will try to do the same with a team of fifteen colleagues of varying confidence in IT use and I am already up early to ensure that I have all of the materials ready to cue up for people to share with the team.

There have been issues such as the fact that not everyone has a webcam or a working microphone at home and inevitably all of the issues caused by having corporate IT machines (one colleague has a machine with the internal mic disabled!) but what has come across is the sense of real excitement from colleagues about having the chance to use technology for a real purpose to meet very real needs.

I will let you know how we progress during the day but what has come through in emails already is a sense that we will make it work. Also in response to a discussion about protocols of speaking when there are fifteen people online and whether people should electively mute their mics when not presenting the suggestion was also made that we said “over” when we finish speaking. This has led to a nostalgic journey for several to the language of CB radio (those who visited #140 at the O2 will know that this will have been my second journey there in two months). I sent round a CB lexicon as a joke and have been receiving messages addressed to Good Buddy ever since.

Under all of the joking there is something interesting happening here about people’s adopSnowmantion of IT in this particular case. All of my colleagues are users of IT and do their best to keep up to date with what is happening but it is inevitable in a job such as ours that there will be a variety in confidence and passion about the subject. We did hold a ‘bootcamp’ in the summer when we went away for two days to play and learn together using several Web 2.0 applications but I have been blown away by the speed learning people have undertaken in the last 16 hours to ensure that their setup is in place for the day’s conference.

I now need to think about how I can generate such excitement around other applications!!!

With half an hour to go I need to put the hammer down and put the pedal to the metal.

I’m finished!!!!


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