Posted by: Bill Lord | January 10, 2010

Using videoconference to support the use of quality texts

In November I posted a blog about my work with consultants in Rotherham on the Jolly Postman project when I videoconferenced with 19 classes dressed as Burglar Bill

I am acutely aware from my own teaching and my work in schools that the use of drama can greatly increase the motivation of the pupils and also increase understanding of the work. TheBurglar Bill also showed that there is real potential for videoconference to add to this area of literacy. It is possible for schools to work together to use the same outside support;  in my case the support came from the Local Authority but it could be possible to buy in an actor, theatre group or arrange to use someone from a local museum or community group.

The presentation below is the starting point for some thoughts using videoconferencing to support the use of some books which I love and of which Primary teachers should be aware. This is not to downplay the importance of better known, older or more used texts but simply to make readers aware of some of the wonderful books out there which are not being widely used. I have already posted a list of top ten books and will post a new list of great books later in the spring,

Video conference presentation front page

Using videoconference to support the use of quality texts

At the same time as considering how using videoconference can support the use of quality texts it is important to stress that drama has a massive role to play particularly in developing talking around literacy. I know that there are many teachers who find drama daunting or who restrict their use to hot seating, role play and freeze frame so I have put a link to an extremely useful document giving lots of examples tied to literacy. In addition, it is important to ensure that the children are warmed up for the drama work rather than being launched into it. There are many sites on the internet which gives examples but I personally quite like the drama resource site which gives a different game of the week  to use in your classroom.

In terms of thinking more deeply about the use of videoconferencing I would direct readers to Tom Barrett‘s excellent blog but especially to his collection of Eleven interesting ways to use web conferencing which is an excellent example of a PLN working together and collating ideas on one central resource.


  1. Really like this idea and the endless possibilities it presents! Espc like the idea for Hugo Cabret- which is a book I love and am hoping to use with my class on placement. Thanks for sharing!

    • I have seen a few classes who have used Hugo Cabret and the children have absolutely adored it. Good luck let me know how it goes. In terms of the VC you might be able to get a colleague on your course to act as the expert.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Hugo Cabret before but my class have asked to do Film as their topic next term and so I’m on the hunt for resources. After I read your blog I ordered a copy and the parcel arrived today – it is wonderful; I love it and I’m sure the children will too – thanks so much for putting it on the list – I’ll look out for the next list of treasures!

    • It will captivate your children – it takes a couple of weeks to read it to them before starting the sequence. One class I know made their own black and white George Melies films just using Moviemaker.

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