Posted by: Bill Lord | January 14, 2010

BETT 2010 Tedxorenda

I arrived in London at 5pm last night just in time to go to the first of the teacher curated events atthe BETT show.

The event was hosted Bill Thompson (@billt) who is a well known technology writer in the UK and was designed to spark discussion about where we are going in our use of technology and how it combimes with society’s needs and developments.

There were many highlights of the evening and I have posted an audio book here for you to listen to: Tedxorenda

The most exciting ideas which came out of the session for me were from Alfie Dennen (@alfie) Alfie talked many of his projects such as (an art project to raise awareness of extremely drug resistant TB) and and his Britglyph project which reminded me of geotagging.  The Britglyph project is brilliant and has set my mind whirring.

Alfie Dennen at Tedxorenda

It is easiest to copy straight for the submission of the webby awards (which Britglyph won in 2008)
Britglyph – A collaborative UK wide public art project
Put simply, Britglyph is a networked artwork, created across all of Great Britain. There are 61 points across the country to which people travel with a rock. Once there, they take a photograph of themselves and their rock and then send it in to the site with the GPS location of that site. The main site is a map which dynamically updates with these images as they are posted. As images are posted, an image of a timepiece becomes clear, drawn across the map connect-the-dots style. (taken from

I was immediately struck by how this could be so easily shifted over the education sector and could be used to bring schools together – this could be:

  • secondary and their feeders
  • junior schools with infants
  • all schools in a borough
  • all schools in the country with the same name or sharing a common name (field, end, town, hill)
  • whole towns, Local Authorities

It also made me think looking at the way that Twitter has brought educationalists together from all over the world how easy it would be to create a globalglyph. I did go and enthuse wildly (as I do) to Alfie at the end and he had obviously had some thoughts of using it with schools so I am hopeful that through my PLN, my blog readers and anyone else who is interested we could do something incredibly exciting.



  1. The britglyph idea is great. I wonder for literacy if could we take poems to places and create a poetglyph (an anthology)- probably inside. The poems could be about the places that people live. If they were podcasted that could also be linked to the map. Or it could be an animation or film to go with the poetry.

    • That is a wonderful idea or even make modroc pebbles with poetry written over it – a bit of varnish and it would be weatherproof for a while. (mmm needs thinking through!!!)
      We need to do this!

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