Posted by: Bill Lord | March 25, 2010

The ICT and Literacy Adventures of a Left Handed Summer Born Boy

Today's venueToday I am delivering a keynote at the Lincolnshire Fast Forward Conference – this is a showcase of the wonderful work taking place in some of the Primary schools in Lincolnshire where the use of multiliteracies, film, gaming and meaningful ICT is supporting children in their learning.

I will put the slides onto slideshare but will use this page to provide links to supporting websites or help pages for the things which I featured.

A funny thing happened to me on the way here – google maps allows the user to put placemarks on specific places on a map. In the presentation I have linked to streetview, embedded a Youtube video and used the information already posted for a hotel. This was not a difficult thing to do but these help pages will help greatly. You will need to zoom out a couple of clicks to find the placemarks.

These two blogs have examples of how they can be used in maths but there is also great potential for use in other areas:

Tom Barrett
Jan Webb

I did also talk about being carjacked by a man with two wooden legs on Tuesday but no-one believed me! (even though it is true!!!!)Does this exist in your school?

We then talked about the presence of Joy in the curriculum – how many schools can we say that the children have the experience of joy in their learning? This led into the two videos.

Video clips
Early on in the keynote I used two videos to warm the audience up – one was the Extreme Shepherding video to underline my points about giving children a sense of joy in the curriculum.

The other one was the clip of Stephen Heppell, one of my modern heroes,  reflecting on schools today.

I talked about the implementation of ideas as the result of CPD in Primary schools and how it can often be blocked by lack of strategic planning – my blog post on Thomas Guskey’s work on the evaluation of CPD could be useful to aid school discussions. I am a great fan Guskey’s five levels and see that, all too often, the lack of structures or actions at level 3  (in school / management) mean that CPD does not have the impact it could and should.
View article here
Guskey describes his approach  well in an interview with eTech Ohio

Video of Guskey talking about assessment

I talked about the negative impact of the rollercoaster of expectation and opportunity for children in schools where there is a wide range of use of ICT. The blog post deals with some of the ways in which schools can support members of staff who are not using ICT very much at all or are lacking confidence to develop their practice.

ICT mentors
The post on using ICT mentors may also be useful (including some very helpful comments from teachers citing their experiences with the same approach)

I quickly referred to the work of Mishra and Koehler in developed Lee Shulman’s PCK (pedagogical content knowledge) work to include the use of technology. This page gives great detail into the vision behind.

Unfortunately I cannot display the videos of children working on the web but much of the work is taken from the UKLA publication ‘I know what to write now!’ Engaging Boys (and Girls) through a Multimodal Approach) which is available from UKLA or Amazon

I referred to the use of Web 2.0 applications – Terry Freedman’s wonderful FREE ebook is definitely worth a read The Amazing Web 2.0 projects book.  I would also recommend Mitch Squires’ list of Web 2.0 applications and will add to this list after the presentation.

Giraffe Class
I talked about the use of Twitter in a Year One class @giraffeclass – I am about to post on their Spring term experiences but here are two blog posts about their use of Twitter – October 2009December 2009

I finished the say with a plea to all of the delegates to think very strategically about how they implement what they experience during the day. We have all experienced CPD which has inspired us but then fall down on the implementation – this is often down to a range of reasons and issues  some of which can be helped by reading and using the Guskey materials but some is avoidable by planning.
I called upon the delegates to be incredibly strategic in planning what they will do as a result of the training:
– there are two presentations and 8 workshops choose what you will implement and what will you ignore
– be aware that there are some elements you will see today which you are not in a position to introduce into your schools because of particular issues.
– plan out what you will do in your school in the next 6 days before the Easter holidays
– plan out what you will do next term
– plan out what might wait until net academic year.

I asked them to think about who they need to talk to and what decisions need to be made.

Finally I showed them this video from the Fast show

I posed the question whether their staff meeting timetable is rather like the Jesse sketch where they merrily ploughed through a list of different subjects without referring back to measure the impact of what they have introduced.

Finally can I thank all of my PLN who responded to the #ffconf stream saying where they were and naming one killer application they are using. It made it so much easier to explain the relevance of web 2.0 sending regards from around the world.

Here are the people who responded:
MitchSquires: G’day from Sydney. Lately I’ve been loving with my Year 3 class. #ffconf

andymee Hi Bill and all at Fast Forward Conference. I’m in Norwich and I love iGoogle at the moment.

dianadell Hello from Union, Missouri! Here are 10 Wordle-like tools: Happy tweeting and learning!

sandynay Hi from Arrawarra Headland,NSW. Australia photopeach 🙂 I am teacher librarian in primary school

andreacarr1 Hi from London. Using Wallwisher all the time now. Thanks to @lisibo

chelucana Hola, from Madrid. Twitter and Ning

Bligoben Hi from the Merthyr Valley in South Wales. Voicethread- a resource for collaboration, peer assessment, self evaluation and fun!

TWMarkChambers Hello from Bradford, i live by well known sat nav apps, in fact, right now 🙂

dughall Primary Pad is the killer for me. Hear me talk about it tomorrow at #tmyh2010 😉

kim_pericles Hi I’m from Sydney Australia and I love using xmind mind-mapping application.

tinado Hi from Warkworth New Zealand. Voicethread is the ICT application I am finding most useful, with Kid Pix for 5&6 yr olds

billgibbon Hello from Cullercoats. Fabbest app is Logo. Not heard of much these days but still a mindbender for logical programming.

wizenedcrone Hello from rainy Hartlepool It’s humble, it’s free and I love Windows Movie Maker for bringing students’ ideas to life.

teggie19 Good morning from Derbyshire. G&T pupils loving Scratch & encouraged many other pupils to use it! Created games & animations

mark_wood Here in Dubai we’re using #Edmodo too

TomSale Morning from a wet Blackpool – wallwisher is an online notice board maker – perfect for children  to ask questions about a new topic

IaninSheffield Hi to all at #ffconf from Sheffield. Google Maps/Earth for me – activities/exercises/research set in an authentic real-world context

CPDScotsman Screenflow video capture from Uddingston in misty Lanarkshire

MitchSquires G’day from Sydney. Lately I’ve been loving with my Year 3 class

HGJohn Morning all at #ffconf from a grey Stockport. Today’s killer app is is which I love using for e-safety.

stevebunce Hello from Steve in a gloomy Newcastle. Latest ICT application is Ript -screencapture with labelling of location it came from

mark_wood Hi, I’m a Primary school teacher in Dubai currently using Google Street View and #Wallwisher (

ianaddison Ian, hants. gotta love primarypad. Online, realtime collaboration. Fantastic for stories, group work or just making notes

Jackie Marsh
Jackie Marsh rounded the day off with a fascinating presentation called ‘Children of the Digital Age’ talking about her research with children using Club Penguin. This presentation can be found on

to underline my points about giving children a sense of joy in the curriculum.


  1. thx for the comment, Bill. Hope the preso went well.

    • No worries, Tery – the book needs pushing as hard as we can. I loved the preso and had an even better day on Friday working with some fantastic Leading Literacy Teachers in Doncaster and then walking 20 metres to the room next door for Teachmeet YH – I was in the Doncaster South CLC for 13 hours!!!!!

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