Posted by: Bill Lord | July 2, 2010

Google maps

I have been playing with googlemaps for a little while and have tried to see how it could be in a slightly different way. I never  cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of fellow practitioners in their use of some of the free resources out there.

In this case  the wonderful Giraffe class received a couple of tweets from their followers in response to their microblogging about their seaside topic. Two of these were from people telling them that they lived near to the sea – one in Blackpool and one near to Southampton.

 My trial was firstly to see if I could build a google map (working on the basis that if I could do it then most people could!) It is genuinely very simple to do and this page will answer any queries. Other readers may prefer this video support.

I then put a link onto Twitter for the map and asked people to add their favourite seaside location and to give a reason why they like it. In the space of less than an hour there were more than thirty locations added. So we saw in the space of a day the children talking about going to the museum for a seaside day out on twitter, some of their followers telling them about where they lived and then tens of people help tro build a map of favourite seaside locations. The map then allowed the children to browse it in class and to move to streetview (by dragging the orange man onto a location) and ‘driving’ down streets in the seaside town).

A wonderful resource which is free – I have seen other people use this including the wonderful Maths maps started by Tom Barrett but am now hoping to look at some further applications in coming weeks and months.

Please have a play on the map and also add your own location.

Unfortunately at the moment it appears that the map opens with a close up on the Gobi desert (not a well known seaside location) so please zoom out to first to enjoy the true potential of the map!!!

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