Posted by: Bill Lord | July 2, 2010

World of Books

I blogged yesterday about some work I had done with the Giraffes using google maps to show different seaside locations. Whilst working on it, I thought about how the maps could be used to fire up children’s reading or to support teachers / parents in choosing  books.

The result I have arrived at is the map you can see. Each placemark shows a location mentioned in a children’s book. The initial criteria was to select the main location or starting location for a book.
I have differentiated on the key between picture books, short novels (less than 150 pages), novels and graphic novels.

The intention is that over forthcoming weeks, months and years anyone can add their own placemarks for books which have inspired them at some point. Obviously it is important that people who add books leave a short recommendation with a link to a description of the book.

Please take a look at the map and add any books which you think might be relevant.  Thanks!


  1. Bill, this is a fabulous idea and I think would be a great to help develop literacy across the curiculum within a school with departments like MFL, Geography, History, Art etc all contributing books based on locations that they are studying at the moment.

    For example Art may add a picture book about Salvador Dali to Spain, while the PE department may add a book about an athlete and their city/country of origin.

    Well done, once again. Are you going to connect this with #read4joy? I think it would be great to include the books that are shared on a Wednesday on the map.

    What do you think?

    • The google map is now on the wiki and so we need to see where books link to specific locations. Exciting times!!

  2. I have added Lionboy by Zizou Corder to the map. Begins in London, travels by boat to Paris, and then by train on the Orient Express to Venice.

    Definitely worth a read if this one has passed you by. 🙂

    • It’s already on the wish list to buy!

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