Posted by: Bill Lord | July 19, 2010

UKLA second set of Boos

I have managed to finish off my books from the excellent UKLA 2010 International conference which took place in Winchester last week.

My final two boos are about two workshops I attended on the Saturday.

The first was led by Dylan Yamada Rice a PhD student at Sheffield University. It was a fascinating session as it was describing the formation of a paper rather than the presentation of final results. Her title will be New media, New literacy, New environment – the focus of which is to compare urban landscapes in central Tokyo and central London considering the relationship between text and images in the two countries.

Audioboo is here

The second workshop was led by Murray Gadd a literacy consultant from Auckland, New Zealand. His presentation was Effective teaching of writing for Year 5 – 8 students within the New Zealand context: What teachers who make a difference know and do.

I was impressed by the fact that he was attempting to identify the key characteristics of successful teachers of writing. Hopefully Murray will be presenting a paper soon.

Audioboo is available here

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