Posted by: Bill Lord | July 23, 2010

Sorry I’m Late Tomas!

I have had a link on the right hand side of my blog to the film Sorry I’m Late ever since I started posting on it but haven’t written about it. It is not a film that I have seen used in schools and is one which I think would inspire children in their own film making. I have been meaning to blog about it for a year – hence the title of the blog!

Tomas Mankovsky

The film was made by Tomas Mankovsky and is the most amazing piece of stop animation movie making – it should be an inspiration children before starting a film project of their own.  The film tells the story of a man (played by Simon Carroll Jones) who is late and follows him on his strange journey. All of it was filmed from above as he lay on the wooden floor of the Amadeus centre in London. The film is available to watch on Youtube but do make sure that you click on the link below to the website which gives details of the process they went through to make the film.

Sorry I'm Late web site

Other projects

When reminding myself of the film I looked the web site Tomas Mankovsky Projects which details other films made by Mankovsky.

Little Big Love
This award winning filmabout unrequited love tells the story of a tiny robot who falls in love with an electric kettle. It only cost £300 to make – you can see how it was made here. The film has a wide range of techniques and use of angles to tell the story but not all children will like the ending.

Music Pieces
Many of you may remember the advery for Sony Walkman in which more than a hundred musicians joined together to play a piece of music but only playing one note each.

Miami – Foam City
Tomas Mankovsky was part of the creative team behind the Sony advert called Foam City. The unleashed a 60 foot wall of foam on the city of Miami to film an advert but encouraged Sony camera and video camera users to take part in the advert taking images. It is simply a beautiful advert.

The advert is here

The making of the advert is here

As a beautiful advert is could also be linked to these adverts created by other directors and creative teams.

Bouncing Balls


I think that my next blog post will be about more beautiful adverts – any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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