Posted by: Bill Lord | October 31, 2010

Growing Greener Futures Conference Booklist

Just before I was lucky enough to attend the Growing Greener Futures Conference in Stockton which was organised by Martin Waller. I would advise people to read Martin’s blog post on the day for further information.

I was privileged to be asked by Martin to deliver a session covering books which I called “How to make book soup”.

My proposal for the session was:

The session will consider the ingredients required for the perfect book soup. How can books add spice to your curriculum and give children a taste of the magic of reading. Bill Lord will take you on a journey of books to support work around creative learning approaches using the great outdoors and will consider themes from global, national and local perspectives. Delegates will receive a detailed booklist and will have time to browse a range of quality texts to support their work back in the classroom.

Much of the introduction was similar to recent blog posts I have put on this site recently but I did share a list of books with the delegates. I will add further posts this week with lists of films which can be accessed for free and also music which could be used in the classroom to evoke different senses associated with the outdoors.

The booklist below is huge but are ones I have read and feel could fire children up. Readers of this blog will have their own favourites which may not be on the list particularly those written by Dick King-Smith or some of those by Michael Morpurgo which I have not included. I do normally hyperlink to a website showing images of book covers when I write about them but I do trust the readers will understand why I haven’t in this case!

The subjects I have classified the books into are:

  • Marine / Rivers
  • Countryside / environment / relationships
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Non fiction
  • Non fiction / Narrative mixed genre
  • Alphabet and Counting Books
  • Miscellaneous
Marine / Rivers
The Snail and the Whale Julia Donaldson and Alex Sheffler Picture
The Little Boat Kathy Henderson and Patrick Benson Picture
Flotsam David Weisner Picture
The Sand Horse Ann Turnbull and Michaael Foreman Picture
Dougal’s  Deep-Sea Diary Simon Bartram Picture
The Fossil Girl Catherine Brighton Picture
My Friend Whale Simon James Picture
Dear Greenpeace Simon James Picture
Starlight Sailor James Mayhew and Jackie Morris Picture
Water Boy Ros Asquith and Ian Andrew Picture
Big Blue Whale Nicola Davies and Nick Maland Picture
Think of an Eel Karen Wallace and Mike Bostock Picture
Journey to the River Sea Eva Ibbotson Novel
The Boat Helen Ward and Ian Andrew
The Seal Children Jackie Morris Picture
Storlax – the power of the deep Robert Jackson and Bubbi Morthens Novel
At the Beach (Postcards from Crabby Spit) Roland Harvey Picture
Wave Suzy Lee Picture
Shark (and other creatures) Dictionary Clint Twist Picture
Give her the River Michael Dennis Browne and Wendell Minor Picture
The Big Big Sea Martin Waddell Picture
Two Frogs Chris Wormell Picture
Countryside / environment / relationships
Bringing down the moon Jonathan Emmett and Vanessa Cabban Picture
Tales of Outer Suburbia Shaun Tan Short stories
Voices in the Park Anthony Browne Picture
Lost and Found Oliver Jeffers Picture
Give her the River Michael Dennis Browne and Wendell Minor Picture
Grandma and Grandpa’s Garden Neil Griffiths and Gabriella Buckingham Picture
Sylvia and Bird Catherine Rayner Picture
The Iron Man Ted Hughes Short novel
Bloodfever (Young Bond) Charlie Higson Novel
Airborn Kenneth Oppel Novel
The Island Armin Greder Picture
The Paperbag Prince Colin Thompson Picture
The Wheel on the School Meijert DeJong and Maurice Sendak Novel
Framed Frank Cottrell Boyce Novel
Reavers’ Ransom Emily Diamand Novel
The Flower John Light Picture
Varmints Helen Ward and Marc Craste Picture (and film)
Into the Forest Anthony Browne Picture
The Seal Oil Lamp (Eskimo folktale) Dale De Armond Short Novel
The Puddleman Raymond Briggs Graphic Novel
The Great Kapok Tree Lynne Cherry Picture
The Great Paper Caper Oliver Jefferies Picture
The Tin Forest Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson Picture
The Arrival Shaun Tan Textless Picture
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett Picture (and film)
Home in the Sky Jeannie Baker Picture
The Lost Happy Endings Carol Ann Duffy and Jane Ray Picture
How to Heal a Broken Wing Bob Graham Picture
The Ranger’s Apprentice Series John Flanagan Novels
Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish Michael Foreman Picture
Jaguar Helen Cowcher Picture
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Chief Seattle and Susan Jeffers Picture
Oi Get Off Our Train! John Burningham Picture
One World Michael Foreman Picture
Where the Forest Meets the Sea Jeanie Baker Picture
The Tower to the Sun Colin Thompson Picture
Out of the Ashes Michael Morpurgo Picture
This is the Sea that Feeds Us Robert F Baldwin Picture
The Secret Garden Francis Hodgson Burnett Novel
Tom’s Midnight Garden Philippa Pearce Novel
The Graveyard Book Neil Gaiman Novel
My flower, your flower Melanie Walsh Picture
Storm Boy Paul Owen Lewis Picture
Way Home Libby Hathorn and Gregory Rogers Picture
The Ice Bear Jackie Morris Picture
Out of the Ashes Michael Morpurgo Novel
Farm Boy Michael Morpurgo Novel
Reaver’s Ransom Emily Diamand Novel
Baa Humbug! Mike Jolley and  Deborah Allwright Picture
Beetle Boy Lawrence David and Delphine Durand Picture
Wombat goes Walkabout Michael Morpurgo and Christian Birmingham Picture
Windhover Christian Birmingham Picture
The Rabbits John Marsden and Shaun Tan Picture
Wolves Emily Gravett Picture
Daft Bat Tony Ross and Jeanne Willis Picture
Flutter by, Butterfly Petr Horacek Picture
Owl Babies Martin Waddel and Patrick Benson Picture
All Things Bright and Beautiful Ashley Bryan Picture
Ernest Catherine Rayner Picture
Harris finds his feet Catherine Rayner Picture
All Pigs are Beautiful Dick King-Smith Picture
Walk with a Wolf Janni Howker and Sarah Fox-Davies Picture
The Emperor’s Egg Martin Jenkins Picture
Tigress Nick Dowson and Jane Chapman Picture
White Owl, Barn Owl Nicola Davies and Michael Foreman Picture
Ice Bear Nicola Davies and Gary Blythe Picture
Farley Farts Birte Muller Picture
I love animals Flora McDonnell Board
The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark Jill Tomlinson and Paul Howard Picture
Tortuga Paul Geraghty Picture
The Wonderful Journey Paul Geraghty Picture
The Great Green Forest Paul Geraghty Picture
Tadpole’s Promise Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross Picture
Howling at the Moon Michael Catchpool and Jill Newton Picture
After the Storm Nick Butterworth Picture
Windhover Alan Brown and Christian Birmingham Picture
The Secret Path Nick Butterworth Picture
The Rabbit Problem Emily Gravett (and a lot of rabbits) Picture
Honeybee’s Busy Day Richard Flower Slot book
Flutter by, Butterfly Petr Horacek Board book
What is black and white? Petr Horacek Board Book
Strawberries are red Petr Horacek Board Book
Silverfin (Young Bond Series) Charlie Higson Novel
Wolf Brother Michelle Paver Novel
The White Giraffe (+ other books in the same series) Lauren St.John Novel
Love that Dog! Sharon Creech Poetry
Old MacDonald’s Farm Eric Smith Picture
The Great Dog Bottom Swap Peter Bentley and Mei Matsuoka Picture
No room for Napoleon Adria Meserve Picture
Wanted: The Perfect Pet Fiona Roberton Picture
The 108th Sheep Ayano Imai Picture
The Great Paper Caper Oliver Jeffers Picture
FArTHER Graeme Baker-Smith Picture
Beetle Boy Lawrence David and Delphine Durand Picture
The Troll Julia Donaldson and David Roberts Picture
Growing Good Bernard Ashley and Anne Wilson Picture
Sam’s snack David Pelham Box book
War and Peas Michael Foreman Picture
Vegetable Glue Susan Chandler and Elena Odriozola Picture
Non fiction
Apple Green and Runner Bean Phyllis King Picture
Flowers Gallimard Jeunesse and Rene Mettler Picture
Amazing Bugs Richard Ferguson Pop up
My best book of Night-time Animals Belinda Weber Picture
Bloomin’ Rainforests (Horrible Geography) Anita Ganeri
Micro Monsters (extreme encounters with invisible armies) Kingdom Picture
The Cookbook for Boys (Usborne First Cookbooks) Abigail Wheatley Spiralbound
Children’s Step-by-Step Cookbook Angela Wilkes Hardback
Large as Life (101 animals actual size) Mike Kelly Picture
Ape Martin Jenkins and Vicky White Picture
Non fiction / Narrative mixed genre
Growing Frogs Vivian French Picture
Caterpillar Butterfly Vivian French and Charlotte Voake Picture
Tadpole’s Promise Tony Ross Jeanne Willis
Alphabet and Counting Books
LMNO Peas Keith Baker Hardback picture
Animalia Graeme Base Picture
The Water Hole Graeme Base Picture
Gathering (A Northwoods counting book) Betsy Bowen Picture
The Hobbit (Graphic Novel) JRR Tolkein, David Wenzel and Charles Dixon Graphic Novel
The Land of Green Ginger Noel Langley Novel
Old Macdonald’s Farm Eric Smith Hardback
Memory Bottles Beth Shoshan and Katie Pamment Picture
The Pencil Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman Picture
Duck, Death and the Tulip Wolf Erlbruch Picture
A Child’s Garden (A story of Hope) Michael Foreman Picture
Seven Ways to Catch the Moon M.P. Robertson Picture
The Once upon a Time Map Book B.G. Hennessy and Peter Joyce Map
A Balloon for Grandad Nigel Gray and Jane Ray Picture
Hey!What’s that Nasty Whiff? (Say poo to pollution) Julia Jarman and Garry Parsons Picture
The Pebble in my Pocket (A History of our earth) Meredith Hooper and Chris Coady Picture
The Once Upon a Time Map Book B G Hennessy Picture
Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob) Simon Bartram Picture

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