Posted by: Bill Lord | November 1, 2010

Films to support environmental themes

Yesterday I posted a blog giving a lengthy list of books I recommended during my “How to make Book Soup” session and as promised I am now following it up with the list of videos which I gave to the delegates. Tomorrow I will post a set of suggestions for music which will evoke a sense of the outdoors for children.

Bernard the Ice Bear – Wrong landing

Key Stage One – Why you shouldn’t parachute in an areas with cactus plants in it.

Big Buck Bunny

Key Stage One – A beautiful tale of a Bunny who takes on the bullies in his area


Key Stage One / Key Stage Two – The adventures of a domesticated Chameleon.


Year 5 / 6 – A space age fantasy story which could be linked to the book and film, Varmints. This could help tie a literacy sequence to cross curricular work on habitats or the environment.

Egg Hunt

Key Stage One – A wonderful animation which could be linked to the Mini Grey book, Egg Drop.

For the Birds

Key Stage One / Two – An amusing cartoon which could be also used to support PSHE work.


Key Stage One / Lower Key Stage Two – A tale of perseverance and achieving dreams – no matter what the consequences are.

Octopus in love

Key Stage Two – A hilarious story of true love with a twist at the end

Strawberry pie

Key Stage One – Good for speaking and listening activities

Twit Twit

Key Stage Two – The story of Charly a banjo player who faces a really strange obstacle: a toll right in the middle of nowhere in the desert managed by an old robot.

WWF New tiger discovery – Provocative advert about Tigers

Coasteering – This could be used for persuasive writing. (Explaining why people should take up coasteering and do it in Wales)

Arkive – Wildlife video clips – to be watched online. This web site has links to very high quality films of wildlife. The site is introduced by David Attenborough.

Wild Earth : Pandas

Whales hunting for herring – A documentary showing the intelligent ways in which whales hunt for herring

Earthquake proof bridge – National Geographic video on bridges which have been built to survive earthquakes.

Earthquake at school – Video of 1989 earthquake

Rabbit’s short tail – Native American storytelling

Wide mouthed frog – Storytelling of the great story

National Geographic – Wonderful resources to support study of habitats and animals

Tourist board videos


Jamaica Featuring Usain Bolt

Paris 24 hours in Paris – more than 6 minutes long.


  1. I have linked to this post in my Daily Digest which highlights the best educational Blog posts as I thought it would be of interest to school staff.

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