Posted by: Bill Lord | November 3, 2010

Music to support environmental themes.

This is my final blog post to support my presentation at the Growing Greener Futures conference which was titled “How to make Book Soup”.

I have already listed books and short film clips  which could be used to support the teaching of environmental themes and in this post I will cover a small number of pieces of  music which could be used to evoke a sense of the outdoors in children’s minds. This is a limited list which hopefully will provide a starting point for discussions.

The music varies between classical, folk and a score written by the band British Sea Power for the 1934 film Man of Arran.

I would also recommend the lovely site which has  range of ambient music to reflect different places like beaches, the rainforest and even nighttime.


Glosoli Sigur Ros
Pastoral Symphony (Second Movement) Beethoven
Morning from the Peer Gynt Suite Greig
Northern Sky Nick Drake
Fingal’s Cave Mendelsohn
North Marine Drive Ben Watt
Man of Arran British Sea Power


  1. The Moodturn site was well worth a visit – thanks!

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