Posted by: Bill Lord | January 1, 2011


A Happy New Year to all of my regular visitors and any newcomers to my blog. It will be a year which, I suspect, will see a change in the style and tone of my postings.

So here we are into the second decade of the 21st century and a time of real change within English education and within my professional life which means that I do need to thnk very carefully about where I hope to be in a year’s time.

I approach the end of my contract at the end of March which means that I am potentially going to be redundant for the first time since coming out of university in the early 1990s. This could be lead to interesting times in the Summer as I am actively seeking a Headship and this is likely to lead to an appointment for September. I am determined to see this as nothing other than an opportunity and have registered myself for Supply cover, applied to support LA interim support in school and have started looking at how I can use some of my skills on a consultancy basis in this period in between employment.

In addition to all of this we find ourselves in the national position where the White Paper has been released but the true implications and depth of policy has not become apparent. This will become clearer over the year particularly in terms of the new Primary curriculum, the teaching of phonics, funding for schools in the light of the Pupil Premium, Academisation and the use of technology in Primary.

So it is in this context that I set my goals for 2011.

1) In 2010 I set about addressing years of being overweight and lost over just under four stone to get to 15 stone. This year I will maintain  my weight at 14 1/2 stones.  I am hoping that a return to school will aid this as I lost 6 pounds in the first week the last time I moved from advisory work to teaching!

2) Blogging – I am determined to become more consistent in my blogging on this site. I am slightly restricted in some of the things I post as, at present, I steer clear of discussing policy on this site and so it can sometimes become a bit of a collection of tips for teachers. That said, the blog posts on Space, the Second World War and booklists are highly popular. I hope to continue developing posts based around a theme and have decided to set up a posterous account for a 365 project based around a different book every day.

3)  Reading – over the last few years I have developed a wonderful addiction to reading quality children’s books and hope to continue this over the next 12 months particularly with some wonderful news books on the edge of release.

4) Use of Web 2.0 – I have gained so much from my personal use of Web 2.0 applications over the last year and in particular through my involvement with the @giraffeclass project and the use of Voicethread as part of national training back in January. I will seek to use Web 2.0 applications in my new school to benefit children’s learning. I will also seek to support my own children at home to use them to aid their work and homework.

5) Athletics – In 2010 I took the unusual step of joining my children’s athletics club and taking part in several matches in Veteran throwing events – I am going to try to become the longest throwing in my division of over 40s in hammer and shotput this year. Although this will be aided by the fact that the holder for the last ten years has moved up to the over 50s! I love taking part in veteran throwing events as I accepted already as part of the gang and they are very forgiving of my inadequacies. It is also important for me to continue to put myself in a position of learning and out of my comfort zone.

6) Networking – 2010 has been my second year of tweeting and through it I have met some wonderful people both virtually and in person. In August my wife and I managed to break both of our cars a week before going on holiday. Amazingly two people who I only knew through Twitter made the offer of loaning me their car to ensure that we were still able to go. As well as this I have met with people to plan work,  have attended Teachmeets, have spoken at events as a result of discussions on Twitter and have found inspiration from people doing amazing things. In 2011 I will seek to be as useful to others as my PLN has been to me.

7)  Still have the dog by my side – on top of family one of the constants has been my dog who will often sit on my lap during office time. He is a source of great joy and I just hope as he enters his 14th year that he continues to be at my side during my adventures.

It will be interesting to see what this year brings.



  1. Bill you are an absolute legend and I am sure you will achieve all you want to this year and more.

  2. I’m really looking forward to your journey ahead Bill. You are always inspirational and I love your passion for books which has reigniting an interest in them for me. I wish you every success in your journey ahead.

  3. Bill I hope the year ahead brings you many adventures (I am sure it will)
    You have been a fantastic support to newbies (like me) in the tech world and on Twitter aswell as in person.
    With your determination, passion and drive I am sure you will reach your goals. Thank you for all you do and for making the world a nicer place!
    Hope to share some adventures with you (and some great new books!)

    • Thanks Jo! Let’s that if and when I get a school there are staff like you working in the KS1 team. I hope that your year is successful.

  4. Happy New Year Bill! Found my way back onto your site via @primarypete posting on Twitter about your latest 365 Posterous blog (cracking idea!). It’s inspired me to create my own 365 photo blog – all photos to be taken with my iphone and the focus will be on wildflowers and plants.

    Best of luck with your plans for 2011, hope it’s a great one. CHEERS

    • That sounds like a great project.

  5. Good to meet you, though all too briefly at BETT 2011. Maybe catch up next time, and maybe I can stick around for the Teachmeet in 2012. That sounds so far away, doesn’t it?

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